Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials sets out the standard baseline for cyber security and offers protection from up to 80% of IT security breaches

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Protect your information and secure key contracts with our flexible Cyber Essentials Packages

Cyber Essentials Packages

Assure Technical became an IASME Accredited Certification Body in 2017.  Since then, we have helped hundreds of diverse organisations gain Cyber Essentials certification.  Our competitive prices, quick turnarounds and pragmatic approach will help ensure you achieve Cyber Essentials with ease. To get started, simply select the package that best suits your budget, timeframe and needs.

Ideal for organisations that have the necessary in-house knowledge and resource to obtain certification independently

  • Cyber Essentials Certification

  • Straightforward, secure online self assessment process

  • Submit details about your current cyber security measures

  • Our cyber experts assess your submission quickly

  • 1 complimentary re-test (within 7 days of your initial submission)

£300.00 (ex VAT)

Perfect for organisations requiring certification quickly, who would benefit from expert advice on their journey to certification

  • Cyber Essentials Certification (worth £300)

  • Straightforward, secure online self assessment process

  • Receive remote support throughout your journey to certification

  • Avoid re-tests with our pre-submission review and feedback

  • Same day assessments for submissions made before 3pm

£545.00 (ex VAT)

Gain certification with minimal fuss. Benefit from our experience to secure your business and let us manage the process on your behalf

  • Cyber Essentials Certification (worth £300)

  • Your dedicated cyber consultant will conduct a remote audit of your current cyber controls

  • Receive expert advice and protect your business from cyber attacks

  • We guide you through any changes to meet the standard

  • We complete the Cyber Essentials Questionnaire ready for your approval

from £1,245.00 (ex VAT)

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials sets out the standard baseline for cyber security and offers protection from up to 80% of IT security breaches.

Developed by the UK Government in response to a growing cyber threat, Cyber Essentials is a mandatory requirement for all Government supply chain contracts and a growing number of commercial tenders.

Certification is awarded to organisations that demonstrate, through the completion of an online self assessment questionnaire, that they have effective cyber security measures in place.


Secure that Contract

What are the Key Benefits?

Protection from Cyber Attack

Protect your organisation from up to 80% of IT security breaches.

Meet Tender Requirements

Gain access to UK Government supply chains and a growing number of commercial contracts.

Retain Customers

Reassure your customers that you have robust cyber security measures in place to help keep their information safe.

GDPR Compliance

Helps address compliance requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Automatic £25,000 Cyber Liability indemnity cover if your organisation has a turnover of less than £20m (terms apply).

Peace of Mind

Demonstrate to your key stakeholders that you comply with a Government recognised standard for information security.


from 80% of
cyber attacks

What are the Key Requirements?

Malware Protection

Ensure you use appropriate anti-virus software throughout your organisation.

Patch Management

Have the necessary processes in place to enable all company software to be updated in a timely manner.

Access Control

Assess user software requirements on a regular basis and put restrictions in place to ensure that system access and authorities are limited to only those who need it.

Secure Configuration

Set all systems up securely, ensuring that appropriate passwords are used.

Boundry Firewalls

Prevent unauthorised systems access by ensuring appropriate firewall measures are in place.

Cyber Essentials PLUS

Cyber Essentials PLUS is a requirement for Government tenders that involve the use of sensitive information, such as financial and personal details. It’s also a requirement for a growing number of commercial contracts.

Displaying the Cyber Essentials PLUS badge will allow you to stand out from your competitors. It will also provide your stakeholders with an enhanced level of reassurance, knowing that your cyber security measures have been externally audited.

Certification is awarded to organisations when your cyber controls externally audited by a Cyber Essentials PLUS Certification Body.

We are Assure Technical

We are technical security experts. It is our mission to help organisations effectively harness technology to protect their information and assets.

We are perfectly placed as your Cyber Essentials Certification Body of choice. We will work in partnership with you, taking the time to understand your business and applying the Cyber Essentials standard to your unique set of circumstances.

Our pragmatic and flexible approach will help you meet deadlines and overcome any challenges you face on your journey to certification.

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